Happy Chinese New Year - Monkey Year

One of the annoying things about some events, are the amount of shutter bugs that pour over you.  It’s one thing to stand beside a Canon fan.  But to have pretty much everyone with a 24-105 around you is really annoying.  If you give someone a rebel t3, the next thing on their mind is they become Peter Parker.  Let’s not include the million IPhone snappers who want to push you out of the way in order to show their grandkids what their future holds. 

So, the Chinese brought in their new year with a two minute shrill of firecrackers followed by chorographic Lions and dancing dragons. This is a tradition that dates back to tales and legends of Nian, a beast like creature that used to dine on young Children.  Hence: why they throw candy out now.

The Chinese have respected this time honoured festival for about 3000 years.  This is quite the spectacle.  Guests included our former Mayor Al Duer, Ric Mclver, Kent Hehr and many others. Standing in front of the crowd, I was taken aback by the number of attendee’s.  The chilly February air didn’t stop this from going forward.  So sit back and enjoy. If you missed it, don’t worry, as time is a guarantee  their will be another next year.

Heath Cox - InTouch.NEWS Editor