Father Patrick Mercredi vs École McTavish School

Kings IX vs Strike Force Semi-final.

Snyepers vs Bison

Northern Alberta Cricket Association (NACA) has 8 teams and play two different format of the game (40 over and T20). NACA is a non-profit body and certified amateur sports organization by Alberta. Mission of the body is to promote and develop interest in the sport (Cricket) at all planes. The organization has 180 members.

Gators took down Monarchs.

The Calgary Gators took down the Fort McMurray Monarchs by 32-21 score, ending the Monarchs 8-0 lead coming in to the finals and back-to-back AFL championships. Gators become the AFL for the 3rd time. They won their first title in 2013 against St. Alberta Stars.


Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2016