Pacific All-Star Championship ”Battle of Champions"

Calgary has its own history you know, those that paid attention in social studies class would know that the name of our great city didn’t start with the namesake from Scotland.  If only the Colonel of the North West Mounted Police had not stopped for the night, we would have probably never been born.  Whiskey Traders would have been able to roam free and the warm Chinook winds would have probably have been missed.  Maybe, Leo would have something to write about.

Just think, when Guy Weadick and his wife rolled into town, Guy thought, uhm, this is a good place to have steer races.  Add a few bull riding events some chuck wagons and voila.  The greatest show on earth is now a part of our annual diet.

We just love the Stampede.  It’s not just us prairie types you know, People come from all over the world to see what we get up too.  Lammle's western duds work overtime, just so we can look the part and tip our ten gallons and cup “howdie” to the tourists and competitors alike.   The stampede grounds are not just limited to horses and photo booths, it’s a 365 a year fun fest, with everything ranging from Hockey games to ACDC Concerts.  If there is an Expo of sales, then this is the place to find it.

The Stampede Corral for example has hosted so many events, it would take me the best part of my day just to list just a few.  The early 80’s saw Stu Hart and his band of whacky wrestlers, commentated by the ever faithful Ed Whalen.  There were ice skating competitions, tennis games, concerts.  You name it, the Corral hosted it.  This old girl is not finished yet.  I hope to see this play out for many years to come.

So there I was, shooting for the boat and outdoors show when I decided enough was enough and headed out.  Before leaving I stumbled upon the Cheerleaders Competition.  Standing in the arena I was not sure if this event was worth my time.  Then the kids come out and showcased their moves with the precision of a Military guard.  I have to be honest they were adorable.  Thinking back to the time when I was 12, all I wanted to do was sneak a dollar from my mothers purse and buy some chocolate bars.  These kids were full on amazing.  The batteries were on full charge and the enthusiasm from the parents were equally devoted.  My hour with the kids was the best part of my day.  You can keep the Marina and the sea going vessels, my money was on the kids.

I know the educators of the day tell us everyone is a winner, these kids were proof of that.

Well done.

Heath Cox - Editor InTouch.NEWS