32nd Annual Rose Bowl Synchronized Skating

If you ever find yourself sitting next to someone wearing an Alexander McQueen cropped sweater clutching a Salvatore Ferragamo purse, You will be forgiven for thinking their Maybach is parked in the basement of neiman marcus. It isn’t, It's waiting outside with the AC on full Sub Zero mode.

While Geeves is patiently waiting for you, he will probably checking his own stock quotes that he “overheard” from your Tech insider husband. While Mr. "Slip and slide", sits on board his Challenger 800, awaiting for take off clearance to his secret second home.  Your still wondering why Walmart sells discount DVD’s.

For Nikos Koulis earring’s? ask your local Bergdorf Goodman's, for skates? Go to Sport Check.
There were no pre-Madonna’s at the arena this evening, just hard working mothers, sisters, aunts, teens and daughters. They Quietly slipped on their handmade lycra two piece suits and Riedell skates.  Showing off to the generous few who braved the minus 10’s and pirouetted their way to a winning cup.

This was the 32nd Annual Rose Bowl event.

Calgary’s CSSC hosts this year’s Synchronized Skating competition. For us, Centre ice wasn’t exactly being front and centre of the Stanley cup, but as  photographer's, it was an interesting event.

To me, watching the older ladies skate was more impressive than the teenagers.  I mean, teenagers are invincible. At 17, you can run up a mountain backward, you can climb multi story buildings eating a cheeseburger. When you’re on the late side of 50, skating in tandem with 8 other’s isn’t easy and well, even at 48 that seems like more than I can do.

Ok, so they were slow and lethargic. But seeing as most ladies this age are trading in high heels for slippers, the forefront on baby boomers are crochet patterns, not a change foot spin. So I say Cudo’s to these ladies.

If you want to be impressed, stay for the first round, but endure for the talents that bused in from as far as Edmonton and further. Well that’s commitment. If you stayed at home and watched your discount DVD, well you missed out.

Heath Cox.  Editor.  InTouch.NEWS