Royals Exclusive - Fashion and Performance Showcase

So what do you do if your name is Bill and your daily routine is commuting to your daily life at Roxette’s janitorial services? Well you live your life in urban slippers and hand me down coffee tables, watching reruns of British TV comedy shows. On Sunday night, you dust off your tea pot and pour one more orange pekoe, polish your Oxfords before heading off to bed, but not before you let the cat out for one last time.

However, if you’re a self-styled narcissistic esthetic rock God, then you don’t pull out your knitting needles, you head down to The Westin Calgary Hotel and join the rest of the Grateful dead groupies and try to bring back the glory days of a hedonistic sham 69 party.
Homophobic's stay home, this you need not apply too, as this affair centered on the decadent, the extravagant and the absurd.

As the pleasure-seeking self-indulged gorged on Technicolor dream coats, everyone stood aside to allow the amazing talent Erica Vidallo caress her guitar. The young Erica Captured the small but enthusiastic audience. The applauds welcomed. Voice and guitar conjoined with complete chemistry. The audience cried for more.

Art and lifestyle complemented each other so well, who would even notice that men wore lipstick. High heels were not only for the London chic. Bending the design of reality was the ebb and flow of the composition requirements. There is no end or middle. We have only caught the beginning of some amazing style yet to come.

If I have one bad thing to say about this event. If your one of the lucky few to buy a ticket. Next time show up.

Heath Cox      Editor

Credit goes to the following Showcases and performers.

EJR by Estell Lokiru
Hannah Duke Styling
Mister Cosmetics
Lexington Ave Culture Spot
Cherry Chic Designs
Zxyro Jdrk Styling

Amazing performances by

Erica Vidallo
Snap Boys
Fingaz n Pleuto