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African Fashion Week Edmonton

There are some people that say we are all originated from Africa.  Our late ancestors maybe from Hull or Cape Cod, but I believe if we all go back further, you will find we are descended from tribesmen and women dating back long before the Romans built Hadrians.

When Joanna Lumley set out to find the River Nile, her simple task was to find the river from where it all started.  So off to Rwanda she travelled and four episodes later she finds it.  Not only did Joanna find what has been eluding explorers for years, she also came home.  Africa is home to many amazing facts that many of us do not realize,  including the worlds longest river, Africa is home to the worlds largest hot dessert.  Spanning and area ofarea of 9,400,000 square kilometres, it would take you 9 hours of rough driving just to get there.  I am not going to go into detail about the experience as I have never done it.  But I’m sure those that have will tell you the experience was like nothing they have ever imagined.  I very much doubt it is something you can do in a Mazda 3.  Africa is so big it defies imagination. If you take the USA, China, India, Mexico and a good size of Europe, you still haven't made it.  Take that Texas.

Africa also graces the largest land andtallest animals, the Elephant and the Giraffe.

Even the Hippo has the title of being the most deadliest.  So what about the people.  The French have less than the African population speaking they’re own language.  Are you baffled yet.  Well you should be.  If you ever decide to write your own bucket list, then include Africa on your list of places to travel too.  If you don’t have the ability to do that then the next time you read about an African fashion show then I suggest you add the notation to your Iphone calendar.

I spent 90 minutes waiting patiently for the runway to get take off clearance.  The crowd were mingling and chatting and waiting for the curtain to open.  The organisers were dancing and running and splitting atoms to get the show started.  Once the VIPS sat down, and took selfies and pics of friends the models took centre stage.  As a spectator with a Media pass I was transfixed.  The designs were colourful, dramatic and simple.  The ambition is to keep Africa alive. For the people of Africa, the designers have kept the tradition going. So the next time you hear Shakira bell out her tune, sing along, for you are singing with your own.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to see the ways that you yourself have changed.  Nelson Mandela.   

Heath Cox, Editor InTouch. NEWS