Dare to Stare Fashion Show!

On Friday evening Sher Khan and I, had the honour of attending the Dare to Stare event organized by the good folks at Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury Centre.  Our first thoughts were, "wow", what a lovely place to hold this event.  I have never stepped inside the Calgary Petroleum Club before.  

It was very posh.  Then we went upstairs, where we noticed brave men and women in wheel chairs waiting silently for the event to begin.  Having been to many fashion shows in the past, this one had a unique tone about it.  Something different, something bold, something more of a personal touch.  A brief yet tearful introduction and the show began.  To be in a walker or wheelchair is one thing.  To walk into a room packed with onlookers, where everyone's eyes are on you, that’s a whole new ball game.  

When I saw a young man in a wheel chair, being pushed by his brothers, I was moved and stood there feeling very humble.  Then a young lady with a special cane arrived to the stand and showed off her moves.  This brought me to tears.  How strong are these people?  Stronger than you or I, that’s for certain.  An old man once told me, "I used to complain about having no shoes, till I met a man with no feet"

Well these models were flying.  They were amazing.  Such Courage and such determination.  We are so lucky, not to have to go through what these amazing people have to go through.  They are truly blessed.  When I normally write about events, I bring nonsensical drab that have little meaning, mostly to fill an article in which someone might chuckle.  This was no time for that, this was a time to applaud the work of Synaptic and the people whom they care for.  I graciously tip my hat to all of you.  True heroes one and all.  

May God bless you and keep you!

Heath  Editor  Intouch .NEWS