Western Canada Fashion Week - Designerz Den by Esha

FairyTales & Legends Holt Renfrew Fashion Gala

Calgary’s finest were in full force last night dressed to thrill and chill with the Calgary Philharmonics fundraising fashion drama, Fairy tales and legends. The chefs and bartenders had there work cut out for them, as the 1 percenters descended on their culinary arts making sure they were getting their money's worth.
With wine and oysters the socialites set about the evening with banter and tales of intrigue. No talk about oil or stock markets here. This was a lights camera action affair with some of Canada's top models.  
The Philharmonics strings pushed aside small talk, caressing there violins, the crowd was now eager to await the latest and greatest. Walking down the runway, With a Chiseled jaw and a black tuxedo the show had begun. This was not a show for the faint of heart.
Facebook, Instagram and snap~chat had to work overtime to capture every moment.  The who's who crowd in full Jaeger- LeCoultre and Versace battle dress wooed the coming attractions with the excitement of a snowy Christmas Eve.
This year Santa would not disappoint. As tawny eyes and see-thru dresses sailed along the Black Sea, ever watchful were the crows at each table casting spells on guests.  
A wolf, had joined this catwalk, never before seen at any fashion gala until now.  So as the model sashayed with the grey beast in her grip, patrons held out strange trusting hands in hope of not losing a finger, to a rather timid and sensual being.  
As the show continued, there was no mistaking the class of these models. The boy~girl mix was perfect, however, one fellow garnished in pleather and red, dawned a brown bomber hat, a success?  Well in the name of fashion, this worked.  
The top of this fruit cake was a cherry only available to those with the approval of a coveted Platinum black American Express. 

Opulent auctions that embellished patrons with spa days and wine fueled weekends, were furnished with offers that only the likes of the Lauren's or Lagerfeld's would understand.  Either way,  to the ruling class, Champagne is merely a tease to get the carnal senses working.
The after party was a perfect ending to the uptown's 4ish day week.  However, Some would advocate spendthrift was not on the night's vocabulary.

This is a editorial jest.  Please don't take it literally, we enjoyed the show and look forward to next year


Holt Renfrew
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO)

Heath Cox      Editor intouch.news