Western Canada Fashion Week - Designerz Den by Esha

LED Dress Fundraiser

Feature.: When you think about it, that’s a funny sounding word.  Actually when you say the same word over and over, they all start to sound funny.  Let’s stay on topic here for a second.

Feature.  The thing you look for, after you get your $19 dollar Popcorn.  What you dart your eyes too in Red Lobster.  Special feature, feature presentation, feature story or feature writing. All have one thing in common.  To bring you into the game and play for a while.  After all once you have seen the feature, you want to tell your friends about it.  Well todays feature comes to us in the prize package known as MACANO DESIGNS.  Brought to you by this lovely little gem Louena.  Do a little googling and you will find her designing some of the most amazing dresses and accessories.

If the inter world web ever gets to the point where smell `o` vision becomes a click away, my first thoughts will be an aroma of Clair de lune with a hint of jasmine and sweet tea. The ladies were lovely, the dresses, again were amazing, the venue perfect and the reason was why this lady is here.  Well simply put, her dreams and passion are young, fragrant and fresh and clean.  I could go on. 

I would like to know what gets Louena up in the morning, or what she puts in her coffee, as I would not know where to start.  This is what amazes me about artists.  They already see the sculpture behind the marble.  Hand over an artisan a piece of Mahogany, they can hand you back a carved vignette of the Madonna of Bruges.  Hand Louena a swath of cotton, you will get a masterpiece in return. 

So if you missed Mardaloop’s Feature of the week, then hope you had friends to tell you about it.

We wish you all the very best in the future.

Vancouver.  I hope you’re ready.

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