Dare to Stare Fashion Show!

On Friday evening Sher Khan and I, had the honour of attending the Dare to Stare event organized by the good folks at Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury Centre.  Our first thoughts were, "wow", what a lovely place to hold this event.  I have never stepped inside the Calgary Petroleum Club before.  

It was very posh.  Then we went upstairs, where we noticed brave men and women in wheel chairs waiting silently for the event to begin.  Having been to many fashion shows in the past, this one had a unique tone about it.  Something different, something bold, something more of a personal touch.  A brief yet tearful introduction and the show began.  To be in a walker or wheelchair is one thing.  To walk into a room packed with onlookers, where everyone's eyes are on you, that’s a whole new ball game.  

When I saw a young man in a wheel chair, being pushed by his brothers, I was moved and stood there feeling very humble.  Then a young lady with a special cane arrived to the stand and showed off her moves.  This brought me to tears.  How strong are these people?  Stronger than you or I, that’s for certain.  An old man once told me, "I used to complain about having no shoes, till I met a man with no feet"

Well these models were flying.  They were amazing.  Such Courage and such determination.  We are so lucky, not to have to go through what these amazing people have to go through.  They are truly blessed.  When I normally write about events, I bring nonsensical drab that have little meaning, mostly to fill an article in which someone might chuckle.  This was no time for that, this was a time to applaud the work of Synaptic and the people whom they care for.  I graciously tip my hat to all of you.  True heroes one and all.  

May God bless you and keep you!

Heath  Editor  Intouch .NEWS

Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball Fashion Show


Cancer, it's one of things that people talk about, but no one wants to have it.  The sad thing is, almost a third of us will be diagnosed with it in one form or another.If you look at your friends list, you will discover that most, if not all will have a family member that has, or is, suffering from this. You yourself might be reading this and say to yourself, I'm going through this right now.

My best friend in school was taken at 16.  How sobering is that?  One minute you're running full tilt down the rugby pitch, not 30 minutes later, you're told you got 3 weeks to live, say goodbye to your mom and that's it.  I was too young to comprehend the full meaning of what all this meant.  So you do what the Eastenders do and keep calm.

So, just walk down the aisle with me for a minute. There you are, standing in line at Sobeys when the checkout girl runs out of receipt paper. You're staring at her like she just ran over your dog.  You're late, the boss is angry, you have deadlines to meet, your husband has no idea how to turn the stove on, you have laundry piled up to God's lawn and the gas bill still hasn't been paid. You’re upset now, because the receipt machine has jammed and you’re now wishing you went over the talking till that says "Unexpected item in baggage area". Sound familiar?  Why do they say that to you?  It's not unexpected, it's a tin of beans! You know what it is, an unexpected item is something you find in your suit pocket.  So, you're really late now, what do you do?  Decide on the way home to Bluetooth your best friend about the terrible day you had and how awful it must be to walk a mile in your shoes.  Yet you do your best to get on with life, knowing your drinking buddies can tap you on the shoulder and support you in your god awful day in line 4.

So, imagine you're 16!  For most of us, we can with fond memories. You just left the ICU, you have so many tubes coming out of you, it looks like you subcontract yourself out to an ant farm.  The nurses smile and gently rub your forehead and you smile back with such warmth it makes your heart melt.  You don't complain, you beam in the sunlight like a cat on a window ledge.  You have leukaemia.  Wait a minute.  You haven't lived your life yet.  You haven't had the pleasure of senior prom or that first real taste of legal highballs. Even holding hands on a moonlit beach in some far away resort. Maybe even a real kiss with the cute boy in chemistry class. Yet you radiate a warmth that makes the world blush.  How can you be so positive? You should be standing at the foot of the cross shouting out "Hey, Where's my life????"

So how do you get to be so strong and the rest of us complain? Why? Because you're amazing! Yet we don't see that.

The Vida Ball Gala was an all out charity event to celebrate a young cancer patient whom we know as Katie.  Diagnosed in October last 2015 with leukaemia, Katie is now fighting for her life.  Taking on chemotherapy at 16, this young wonderful young lady has already seen enough of transfusions and blood clots.  I’m standing at the back, quietly watching the show.  I really have no idea and take for granted the little things that Katie may not see.  Bless this child for we are truly so thankful for our lives, and yet we don't see the pain Katie goes through.  This is only one of so many.  Parents having to see and survive through this, I can only look at what they go through.  I could never imagine or know.  Surely if there is a God, he must have a place in his heart for these young souls.

So the next time you had to wait 40 minutes in line to see the doctor, be thankful that you have a prescription to ease your sore shoulder. For next week you will need it to carry your shopping home.

To the little ones who suffer with this dreadful illness.  You're amazing. You really are.  To the parents, again, I have no words to fill this paragraph with, to ease the heavy burden you face.

Bless you all!

Heath Cox, editor. Intouch.news

LED Dress Fundraiser

Feature.: When you think about it, that’s a funny sounding word.  Actually when you say the same word over and over, they all start to sound funny.  Let’s stay on topic here for a second.

Feature.  The thing you look for, after you get your $19 dollar Popcorn.  What you dart your eyes too in Red Lobster.  Special feature, feature presentation, feature story or feature writing. All have one thing in common.  To bring you into the game and play for a while.  After all once you have seen the feature, you want to tell your friends about it.  Well todays feature comes to us in the prize package known as MACANO DESIGNS.  Brought to you by this lovely little gem Louena.  Do a little googling and you will find her designing some of the most amazing dresses and accessories.

If the inter world web ever gets to the point where smell `o` vision becomes a click away, my first thoughts will be an aroma of Clair de lune with a hint of jasmine and sweet tea. The ladies were lovely, the dresses, again were amazing, the venue perfect and the reason was why this lady is here.  Well simply put, her dreams and passion are young, fragrant and fresh and clean.  I could go on. 

I would like to know what gets Louena up in the morning, or what she puts in her coffee, as I would not know where to start.  This is what amazes me about artists.  They already see the sculpture behind the marble.  Hand over an artisan a piece of Mahogany, they can hand you back a carved vignette of the Madonna of Bruges.  Hand Louena a swath of cotton, you will get a masterpiece in return. 

So if you missed Mardaloop’s Feature of the week, then hope you had friends to tell you about it.

We wish you all the very best in the future.

Vancouver.  I hope you’re ready.

HeathEditor Intouch.NEWS

A Boutique Fashion Show


Concours d'Elegance of bridal fashion was in full swing in the The Savile Room at The Commons in Ramsey last night.   The best and brightest designers showcased there new and amazing designs to a packed house of brides, mothers and even a few young men.  The audience was amazed at the models performance, as they swayed in full length gowns to pose elegantly to clicks of photographers and flashes of iphones.  Without so much as a flourish of timidness from the models. They posed with the profession and grace that would envy any high fashion runway.

As when we first walked in, we were aghast at the first model on display.  Of course i am referring to the cake display. Worthy of a show all on its own, the cakes were amazing, the candy store was a delight and with the skill of the mixologist, the evening was a perfect night for any bride to be.
The lighting the flower arrangements and the ambiance was a perfect setting. Thanks for letting us in to your show.

We would like to recognise the following

Gowns:             Courtesy of Pearl and Dot                                                  www.pearlanddot.com/    

Make up:          Courtesy of BEACH Beauty                                                www.beachbeauty.ca/       

Event host:       Boutique Wedding Market                                                 www.boutiqueweddingmarket.ca/  

Jessica May of Kismet and Clover                                                              www.kismetandclover.com/

Jessica Fremont of Antheia Floral                

Wedding Photographer: Courtesy of Gingersnap photography              www.gingersnapphotography.ca/

Cakes:              Courtesy Suzanne May of the Hand made Cake company,

Design and Styling:  Courtesy of karakai                                                  www.karakai-design-styling.com/




Heath Cox      Editor intouch.news