Calgary European Film Festival - Day 3

Dear sir or Madam
Think about this for a minute, you have one cup of sugar, two cups of flour and a slab of butter. What does that make? Well if you think about it, just about anything you want it too. When I was a child, this was the recipe for making crumble. Im sure a lot of recipes have changed over the years, but one could argue the same about how to make the perfect pastry. Your grandmother had recipes written on pieces of cardboard found all over the pantry. There was no internet in those dark days of knob and tube, no 24 hour cooking show. If someone on your block had a TV, they went straight to the top of your Christmas card list. You didn’t find Blanche Middleton`s homemade gooseberry pie, on a show dedicated to some back street café on the food network.
So, fast forward your VCR 50 years and you have what has now become, the intergalactic hub of everything you need to know on Youtube. Want a new watch or a pair of boots, someone will write about it. Need to know how to get part no 243 (b) into the flange on a oil spring weighted metal case bracket, Google will tell you .
There is no need for community college anymore, no need to spend hours longing for the half time bell to ring. All you need is a means to a keyboard and your set. So, now. Want to know what the Calgary European film festival is all about?. Well, when was the last time you opened your local newspaper to the entertainment section? Well, ok if your sitting alone at MacDonald's and the free paper is on hand, you will reach for your egg McMuffin. and peruse through your free carbon printed nonsense and by the time you reached your 4th full page ad on a new 0%, no money down, free payments for a year hybrid, you would have texted four of your friends, checked your email twice and uploaded some free app because by page 23, your distraction level hit peaks not seen since your first hit of Ritalin.
So, check your tablet for wait times, take the bus down to the Globe on 8th Ave, ask for Mariet and she will tell you all about what, is in all honesty, the best thing to come out of Romania since Vlad the Impaler met his untimely, and some what deserving death. My guess is the Turks had quite enough of him thank you very much.
This year has seen some amazing films come to life, “Aferim” for example, when did monochrome come back to life. Head over to Germany and “Head full of Money” is in full tilt. Who would have made a film about a Vet suffering with Alzheimer's.
On Saturday we had the viewing pleasure of Markus Imhoof’s film “More than Honey”. The wonderful cinema-photography has come to life about the strange disappearance of honey bees. You have to see where this journey goes.
Then we had “Fair Play” . Andrea Sedláčková directed the story about the life of a young sprinter by the name of Anna, not wanting a sporting life under the influence of Steroids, she refuses, just watch at the end result. this is going to shock and alarm you.
The film fest is full of new ideas. Take the time in your weekend schedule while there is still time and go see one of the great marvels in your neighborhood.
Remember,The kardashians may have 12 zillion friends of twittlebook, but having Class. that’s the European film fest for you. now write these films down on the back of your puffed wheat cereal box, --- wait !!
They`re for your grandkids to read.

Heath Cox - Editor InTouch.NEWS