Conversation with Miss Canada 2015/2016 Petite - Norella King

Persian photo: Live With Passion Photography  Theme and Makeup: Sarika Mehta

Persian photo: Live With Passion Photography

Theme and Makeup: Sarika Mehta

What are your origins?

I was born and raised in Calgary, AB so I am quite Canadian! As for bloodline, my Fathers side is of Yemeni decent, and my mother Northern England.

How were you discovered? (Modeling)

Its interesting you say for modeling, because honestly modeling was the LAST thing I wanted to get into. I started acting at in elementary school and that has been on my biggest passions. Through musical theatre I got into dance, and through a combination of the two I started doing freelance TFP shoots with photographer friends of mine. Modeling has always felt the most unnatural art form for me to engage in, my favorite shoot to do is candid and lifestyle, where there’s no real “posing” involved. So there was no real discovery, just through networking through acting and dance I did more and more collaborations with different photographers.

How do you stay in shape?

First and foremost I feed my body properly. That is 85% of how I stay in shape. With eating a rainbow of endless nutrient rich vegetables, good lean protein, whole and complex carbohydrates and a healthy helping of great sources of fat, like nuts, fish oils, chia seeds, avocado, and very limited refined sugar and junk food. This keeps me mostly feeling great and ready regardless if I am at the gym or not. But all that to say I LOVE TO MOVE! I am involved in a variety of training: Muay Thai, strength training, calisthenics, obstacle course races, boot camps, gymnastics, parkour, trail running, I absolutely love to use my body in movement. I am always looking for the next challenge to push the physical limits.

How would you define your personal style?

Another funny question for me. When I am “off-duty” from Miss Canada Globe events and other speaking engagements I love to live in lose gym wear, jogging pants, hoodies, runners. Comfort is always the default. I can wear the same outfit over and over and not care. When I am “on-duty” I love pulling inspiration from style icons Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba and love the look of the Audrey Hepburn 50’s classy glam.

Do you have a go to label?

Hmmm, no.  

Style icon?

Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, sometimes Lenny Kravitz

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Feel the Fear and do it anyways.

You are the Miss Canada Globe Petite 2015, how does that feel?

When I won, it was a bit surreal. I came home and hid for a few weeks because I was very overwhelmed. But now it feels normal to use this platform to raise my voice on things that matter and that need to be spoken out about. Sometimes it is a bit odd walking into an event with a label across my body, but hey if it grants me more ability to speak out then so be it!

What was the biggest challenge for you as a Titleholder?

To show the public the title “Beauty Queen” is not one-dimensional. There’s a certain cultural stigma when it comes to beauty pageants, and from past events I can see why. But not all pageants are like this, now they are calling on women in all their realness to rise up in confidence, embrace 100% who they are, shine naturally and to fight against the ridiculous standard media throws at us. Trying to maintain a balance between embracing my femininity and celebrating it through being a Queen, but also making sure I’m showing other women that without the fancy dress and hair I am still JUST as powerful and worthy.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your life?

The realization that my ambitions are not driven by money, reputation, cultural success or material things. To realize I have accomplished this mindset was incredible. I am very proud of this for it is counter-cultural and can be a more difficult path to live, but I have never been so full of life.

What do you like the most; being an actress, social working, dancer or model?

By far, serving others less fortunate. My absolute dream is to be able to serve those affected by war overseas, whether it be as a soldier through the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) or a missionary, I can’t wait to get to the roughest places and be able to be some form of hope and practical help to someone.

If you were a superhero, what kind of powers would you have?

I would be an Avatar. The ability to control all the elements. Think Korra :)

If you were to date super hero, who would you date and why?

This may sound a bit weird, but if ages were appropriated, Aang the Last Airbender, and the CARTOON series NOT the fail of a movie  Why? Because he is SO FUN! Not only that the emotional capacity of Aang is admirable and desired in any male I would consider dating. Also to note, his heart for people, how he sees the wonder in everything, how he primarily sees the best in people and his desire to fight for love, peace and unity for the world at his own cost. His air-bending moves are also quite BA.

What’s next for you?

Joining the CAF and to study in political science and international relations.

Anything we should be keeping our eyes open for the future?

Well down the road I plan on shifting our healthcare system from heavily reactive to proactive. This means including, nutritionists, naturopathy, personal training, TCM, counseling in our health care. To prepare for good health, instead of reacting to bad health.

I am also about to launch a Spoken Word video I recorded in November. It is very well done by very talented friends of mine. It is the piece I performed for my talent at the pageant! Stay tooned!

Growing up in a Muslim family and then choosing Christianity; how did your family embraced your design?

I am very blessed to have a very accepting and beautiful family. Spiritual faith is often not spoken about within my family, we all respect each other in where we choose to place our faith. I know this would not be the case in several different countries and scenarios, so I do not take this for granted and consider myself blessed.

In all your film project experience, who was the most fun actor/actress you’re calibrated with? (Hint: Red Wine and French fries)


In one sentence; what is your advice for younger generation?

You are not a product of your circumstance or environment(s). You CHOOSE your life regardless of how tough it may seem. You CHOOSE who you want to be, and if you don’t choose you allow others for you. You CHOOSE whatever future you want. When life happens, its’ up to you how you CHOOSE to react. You always have a choice.