TEDx Canmore 2016 – Evolve

An Hour; what’s in an hour.  Well that’s about the time it takes to fly from Calgary to Vancouver.  Or driving to work in rush hour, or waiting in line at the post office.  All these things are the norm these days.  From the time the lunch bell rings to when you’re called back to the pig pen you added one hour to your life.  Sometimes you wish for your day to end, but doing so empties your life bank account just that little bit more.  I was at a hospice once, only to see a sad old man hanging onto the side of his bed knowing that he was probably wishing he had just a few more hours.  Sadly he never made it through the night.  This little thought is quite upsetting really.  We all rush about getting things for our little wooden boxes, not knowing that these hours we use up are actually going against us.  Hours are bit like wheels, every time you drive your car, each turn of the tire takes a bit of its life away.  You wouldn’t notice one or a hundred, but put them all together and before you know it, you’re off to the store to buy more.  So where am I going with this.  Well on Friday I took an hour out of my life and spent it at the TEDx Talks in Canmore.  The staff were polite and welcoming, all working like honey bees.  They all knew what to do and where everything went, yet they quietly went about doing it without fuss or noise.  

There, I was introduced to what Canadians do best.  With a pleasant smile and welcoming nod, they propped me into the arena and allowed me to get on with my work.  Sitting near the back I witnessed the musical talents of Amelie Patterson and Kyle Pullan.  There are times when you can listen to people sing and your mind can wonder off with itself.  Amelie was one of these musicians that were able to do that to you.  Her voice took my mind and allowed it to run off and forget about life’s problems.  

Jessica Puurunen and Dr. Hugh Notman were the only two speakers I had the pleasure of listening too.  Smart, funny, entertaining and confident.  Jessica a High School Biology teacher lost me at the petri dish.  Maybe I should have spent more time paying attention in high school.  How this lady manages to keep her students in check and enthusiastic is beyond me.  That’s the amazing part of being a teacher.  They’re in my mind, the hardest working people, apart from a barista at a Starbucks.  Off course I’m kidding.  

As a teacher, your job is to turn kids into smart kids.  That is harder than it sounds.  No one can make you want to learn, but Jessica does it with passion and compassion.
Dr. Hugh Notman had fifteen minutes to talk to the select few about his knowledge in biological anthropology.  I often wonder what goes through people’s minds in kindergarten.  I grew up wanting to be Millionaire.  But at 6 I thought a millionaire was a pilot.  I’m sure when he was 6, he probably wanted to be a fireman or a biological anthropologist.  Who knows?  All I know is that he is way smarter than I, but he wasn’t there to boast, he is just a man who has knowledge for all things evolutionary and he wanted to share.  

Well that was my hour, After Dr Hugh left the stage it was time for a break and the bathroom line had begun.  For me it was time to leave.  So I turned over my Jeep and headed home.  Thus slowly reducing the time left on my tyres.  Drive to Calgary from Canmore you say.  Sure, only takes an hour.

Thank you to all At Tedx Talks for allowing me into your world.

Heath Cox - Editor InTouch.NEWS