Monster Truck

If they put out a ballot at the entrance with 2 boxes, one marked "too loud!", the other, "louder please!". I would be in the minority. It was a heavy rock concert after all, so what was I doing there?  A middle aged wrinkled face who preferred a chilled glass and Tony Bennett in the backdrop.  Well we invited ourselves so it would be impolite not to go.  I have to be honest it was a pretty good event.  When I was 19 I got a little beer paying job working at the saddledome. I worked for some obscure little unknown security firm.  That itself wasn't interesting, but the job of working in the pit and backstage has it's own merits.  Well free concerts really.   Rod Stewart, glass tiger, ACDC. Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Def Leopard and well, yes. Kenny Rogers. These were just a few.  Oddly enough, no one rushed the stage when Kenny walked on.  

My good friend at the time was working back stage, checking to make sure everyone had the proper accreditation. If your the lead singer however, you are exempt from wearing the coveted pass.  Least, those of platinum Blonde thought so.  My trusted friend did what he was told to do and the lead was promptly thrown out on his ear and that was the end of that.  Of course 20 minutes roll by and he notices people running around like headless chickens.  It wasn't until someone asked him, "have you seen Mark?".  "Who????"  Well the lead singer was pounding on the exit door to no avail.  That was until he said " what? this guy!". Opening the door.   He was bemused and my friend received many shoutings.  He was after all, doing what $7 an hour got you back then. The whole show was about to come crashing down.  All because he thought he was better than everyone else.  So. Lead singers of the world.   Wear your badges! 

If you want peace and quiet, go find some little home grown Italian diner and enjoy the ambience. If you want to ruin your kidneys. Go to the ballroom at Macewan Hall on the university grounds. Stand by the huge speakers and wait for the lyrics.  

Big hair was back.  Guitars wailed out tunes, the leads of both bands were howling at the moon, probably loud enough to wake up Scott Kelly.  The fans were getting more and more jumpy upy. Then as the intermission ran its course, those lucky enough to sneak a bit of Ganga through security were enjoying their "puff puff pass" on the patio.  After all. It's a rock concert.  The mind altering effects were taking full effect as more and more were leaning more than they normally do.  It's always funny to see fans air guitar.  I thought that died off in the 80's. Well it's still here; alive and kicking.  I didn't understand the song words, but people were singing along.  I thought you only did that at when Michael Bublé showed up.  

The "pit" was their in full security mode. The part I love, is knowing I can stand between the crowd and the stage and get up close to the action. I saw a sign that read. "NEXT TIME YOUR OUT!" I gather this is for the yellow jackets who don't have to open their limited word vocabulary.  It's all there, In black and white.  So presumably, if you lark about, you get these 4 pre written words yelled at you.   Not sure what happens next?

Panties were being thrown too, I guess that's better than beer cans.  I'm not sure why someone would throw away a good pair of underwear.  It's not like they know where they came from.  But then again, this isn't a place to bring your granny out.  This is for demons.  This is fuelled by hairy chested Jean cut offs.  So if you do see a ballot box and you drop your slip in the "too loud" box.  Go home, you're not welcome.  To the rest; Play on and play it loud!

Heath Cox. Editor.