Western Canada Fashion Week - Zapato Sanchez

Rodrigo Sanchez with his Father Julio Sanchez at Western Canada Fashion Week.

Rodrigo Sanchez is an Edmonton shoes designer; he is third generation shoe designer. His Grandfather Rodrigo Sanchez and father Julio Sanchez worked with leather as artisans living in Chile. Mr. Julio Sanchez opened his boutique West Edmonton Designs & Shoe Repair at West Edmonton Mall.

InTouch.NEWS: What inspires you as a footwear designer?

Rodrigo Sanchez: “My parents own and operate a shoe repair. So we are always around shoes. Many beautiful luxury shoes are serviced at our shop. It isn't hard to find inspiration there. My family always encouraged and inspired me to express myself with shoe making and I'm so grateful for that. They are my greatest inspiration.”


Rodrigo Sanchez: "You can tell the quality of a shoe usually by the materials that are used. Well-made shoes are designed to be maintained and serviced. For example; a quality shoe with a leather sole can be re soled up to 3-5 times depending on the client of course and how often they moisturize the upper leather. This will ensure years of enjoyment."

InTouch.NEWS: What style of shoes do you like and dislike?

Hand Painted Shoes - Designed by Rodgrigo Sanchez.

Rodrigo Sanchez: "I admire all shoes. I am trying to get as much experience as possible with all kinds of designs. They each have a uniqueness to them. Some are more challenging than others. But you learn more when overcoming obstacles. Sometimes I'll get stuck late in the studio and then after a good night sleep I have no problem figuring it out and moving on. It's a good idea to have a few projects going on at the same time to help stay stimulated."

InTouch.NEWS: How does that inspiration turn into reality?

Rodrigo Sanchez: "I'm a believer in getting educated in your craft. If you have a passion, see where and who can help you improve on it. Then you need to stay dedicated and invest time into your craft."

InTouch.NEWS: Western Canada Fashion week was is your first fashion show. How is the response?

Rodrigo Sanchez:  "I am so thankful for being apart of this beautiful event. I learned a lot and can't wait for the next one. Met some local designers and definitely made some contacts."

InTouch.NEWS: When are you going to see your women collection?

Rodrigo Sanchez:  "I am already back in the studio working on it. We will hope to release it during the September show. Stay tuned!"

InTouch.NEWS: Does your approach differ when designing men footwear compared to women footwear?

Rodrigo Sanchez:  "They are both unique in their own way. I will know more after I have experienced creating a collection. I'm sure their will be ups and downs with waves of emotions but, I'm definitely excited to see what we can create."

Ostrich Leather from an Alberta Ostrich farm - Designed by Rodrigo Sanchez

InTouch.NEWS: Is there anyone you would really love to see in your designed shoes?

Rodrigo Sanchez:   "It would be an honor to hand craft a pair of shoes for our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. I always look at the shoes he's wearing when he's on the news. I like his style."

InTouch.NEWS: What would you like to achieve before the end of the 2016?

Rodrigo Sanchez:   "I really hope to share many designs and hand made shoes to everyone as soon as possible. Especially women's. But, who knows what the year will bring? All I know is every year gets better and better."

InTouch.NEWS: What’s next for you professionally?

Rodrigo Sanchez:  "Continue to work on my craft!"