Harlem Globetrotters

Everyone has seen the funny memes on the inter world web, you know, pictures of the silly mistakes people made.  Filling coke cans in Pepsi machines, the quip at the bottom, you had one job.  Well the application forms for just about any job doesn't say that anywhere.  Why not, it should, as for most of us have one job; in a roundabout speaking sort of (not really) way.  If you're a policeman you send people to jail for robbing old ladies of their pension fund.  If you're a captain of a ship, you make sure that when you leave port, you make it to the other end, hopefully with the same number of people on board.  If you’re a pilot, all you have to do in your career is learn simple mathematics, by that I mean the number of take offs you do in life should equal the number of landings.  Tally them up all together at the end of the week and the number should be the same.  From Tom Jones to Michael Bolton to Janet Jackson, their one job is to entertain.  Though Mr. Bolton, please next time, remember the lyrics.  The anthem of your home country should be tattooed on your medial temporal lobe. So next time, when you're given one job, try to remember it. 

I think the only people that have multitasked job status are mothers.  I'm not going to run off a paragraph in detail, just ask one.

So all that brings us to the Harlem Globe Trotters.  They applied, went through the try outs, got accepted.  Now they have returned to our great city also with only one job.

Let me tell you.  These guys don't do it well; they do it very, very well. They took on the audience and wowed them all.  I looked up through the stands (well seats) and all I saw were smiling faces.  Somewhere during the evening there was a basketball game, though I may have missed it. I waited years to see the Harlem Globe Trotters, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to see them live and through a lens.  Not only did they bring on the little kids to shoot hoops, but they also gave kind words of encouragement as they grow up in life. 

90 years they have been doing this.  I can just only imagine what the 100 year spectacle will be. If given the chance and they come to Calgary again, I would be honoured to watch them, for they belong here, they belong everywhere. They have a message of love, laughter and dreams. They also remember; they have one job, this they can never fail at.

We all thank you for coming back to Calgary, for we are truly blessed. Big shout out to Ruby Ramirez, for the privilege of allowing us into your world.  Also, we would like to thank the security, for no one seems to ever give them a mention. Also would like to thank the All Stars.  For it seemed no one was cheering for you.  But without you, the Boys and girls of Harlem would have no one to play against.

You are all in inspiration to us all.

 Heath Cox. Editor. Intouch.news