Pastry Chef Showcase 2016

Sunday evening,

The time, where you cozy up upon your lazy boy, grab the switchy box and settle into a night loitering between and Netflix, Crackle and You-tube.  As you ditched your cable, the up and down buttons on your remote have become pretty much obsolete.  Now you’re fondling genre’s like it’s 1979. 

 As of this moment, people across this province are calculating their losses and uploading Skidoos on Kijiji.

So were on a downturn, as you still have enough for Spotify and a parking spot.  You are one of the lucky ones so far.  Not to worry, we have all seen this before, so when the Economy tanks, which it has, there is only one way for it to go now.  So be patient.  Once all the big guns have let everyone go, they will be bringing them back and we all will bask in wakesetters again. 

So Google just sent you a little note telling you to put your slippers away, grab your trilby and head on over to Heritage park for the Pastry Chef Showcase 2016.  Time to put your culinary gear into 1st and prep your palette with the finest breads and pastries’ on offer. 

Some of Canada’s best will be on the culinary dance floor, doing the tango with butter knives and cookie slicers to create art in real life.  This is what dreams are made of.  The wine and cheese displays were plentiful, so tuck in, but leave room for the creations coming to life before you. 

To Start with we have the Ranchman’s club served up a delicate Apple caramel tower, a sautéed apple with an orange mascarpone filling, garnished with an apple mousse and a toffee Gelee spoon.

The second dish on the list was an upside down pineapple cake drizzled in olive oil, coupled with a honey yogurt mousse and served with Rosemary guava gelato.  It was delicious. 

Of course there had to be a winner.  This was created by Melissa Burt, Rebbekka Lenz, Elynne Poisson and Peter Nowicki.  Together they enveloped the Mayor Lemon vanilla bean mousse, a basil sponge on top of Streusel cookie.

Hotel arts offered up a milk chocolate mousse, which was to die for.  As for the number of plates 300 was not enough for the 45 minute event.

The winners enjoyed a $1500 win to share amongst themselves. 

All this for the benefit for our friends with developmental disabilities.  Thank you L’Arche Calgary, for putting together this wonderful event.  I thought I was quite happy with my slippers and 46 flat screen.  Next time, I will bring friends.  Thank you to Heritage Park for the venue and a big thank you to all the sponsors.  In the middle of this downturn, it’s nice to see sponsorships still willing to lend an offer of support. 


Heath Cox Editor InTouch.NEWS