Calgary Comic Expo 2016

Sitting in front of the TV waiting for the latest gossip on wives and Kardashians, you’re wondering what to eat.  The salad you had was a good effort, as you are trying to maintain that figure you had back in high school. However, soon the hunger pains are too much to bear and the Oreo’s come calling.  Every one you have you’re telling yourself, I will walk it off tomorrow.  Unfortunately you forget about last night’s binge and the office Gossip continues like bad episodes of Simon and Simon.  The one thing that never stray’s from your mind are your kids and what they are up too.  If you can’t hear them they are probably up to no good.  After all, when your 17 the last place you want to be is anywhere but home.  Sometimes the PlayStation is not enough to keep you from straying.  Getting out of the house is nothing new, we all did it.  “Be home by 9”.

How many times did you hear “can I stay till 10”. And so the retorts bounce off walls like no one is listening.  He is not going to be home by 9, he is going to spend as much time as possible balancing between right and wrong.  Knowing full well the hammer will fall once he crosses the portico.  Fear not however, for one weekend at least, everyone knows where your kids are.  It’s the “Calgary Comic and Expo”. 

They are down at the stampede grounds in full Halo gear.  Looking like one of his Ice-station characters, he has become drenched in blood soaked t-shirts, autographs and comic books.  Things are good in the world.  I was surprised to see how many people were at this event.  For a moment I thought the stampede had begun early.  Actually, it was just your kids playing the part of Han Solo, parents were getting in on the action too.  Some costumes look like they were made on the drive to the grounds.  Others appeared to have taken months to prepare.  Every conceivable soldier and action hero was on show this weekend.  Some of the more engaged decided on a more deep thought approach.  Such as the zombie murdering sesame street gang, or a Samurai storm trooper.  This imagination is the reason why we are here.  There is no limit to what you can become.  Someone even dressed up as a tree.  As I have a faint recollection of a walking tree in some fantasy show some 10 years ago, I can only assume this one was one of the same.  I spent many hours wondering the stands, keeping an eye out for the next Darth Vader.  Not for a minute was I getting to the point of boredom.  Everyone should take the time to come down and see what people can do.  

Even Marilyn Monroe made a guest appearance. As for you parents.  Dressing up as “Jason” is no excuse, your son is home waiting for supper.