Wet, Wild and Headbanger

Slayer Concert-9838.jpg


Not something you think about when you are in traffic waiting or the light to turn green.  Is it something you become once you look in your mirror and see blue and red lights?  Or the word you choose when you have been given a warning.  For me, I tend to be a lot more colourful when I get pulled over, only to have that inner voice tell you to be calm.  Speeding, running stop signs or generally being a time bandit will relieve you of some of your hard earned wad.  To the general public, that is to say everyone, of course, when the day comes (and it will), Johnny Alpha Male will spring out his chest, adjust his belt, push up his ray bans and slowly, but surely utter those three dreaded words.  Adjectives you have been describing to yourself have now moved into the Noun phase.  The time it took you to go from, I’m in a hurry has been replaced by, you muttering to yourself. “Sure Officer, take your sweet ass time, I’ve got all day”.

Once you have gladly thanked the 5-0, you think to yourself, now do I pull away slowly, or spray gravel all over the side of the “To Protect and serve” decal.  Of course you’re mad, upset, your day is ruined.  But is it.  Well, as long as you were polite, calm, well-mannered and apologetic, you might just get a break once you get your day in court.  Unless you just decide to forget all about it.  Either way it’s up to you.  Frankly I don’t care what you do.  This is what I was thinking when were at the Slayer concert last night, well just the last part.  I don’t care who you are, what you do, how much you drink, smoke, or inhale.  It’s your life, how you deal with conflict is all about how you perceive foe. 

When four of Fort McMurray’s finest sautéed into the area, game faces set to stern, I thought to myself, let’s see how the crowd reacts?  To cut a long story short, mainly because I don’t have one, nothing happened and they left.   That was it, no arrests, no pepper spray nothing.  So I presume they went back to Timmie’s and waited for their radios to crackle. 

So, with that let’s talk about why we came here in the first place.  It wasn’t the weather, the Sun had been in a disagreeable mood all day and decided to hide behind the rainclouds.  When it comes to thrashmetal, no one seems to care, I’m sure the sound engineers had their work cut out for them, but the long haired two finger waving assembly could like me, not care less.  They wanted noise, vocals you cannot understand and booze.  This is not something you find at a Ken and Dolly redeux.  I have to say when you are standing in the pit with 2000+ screaming wet fans at your side, you wonder how long it will be before you need to see an Otolaryngologist.  Funny thing is you don’t care.  They just want Loud, louder.  So loud your Kidneys start to fail. 

Well we got our 3 minutes of fame, ok we got to stand in a place where you don’t turn into apple sauce and take some pictures of four 50 something dudes doing what their parents had told them not too.  It was awesome. 

Obnoxious, Yes.  Angry Yes.  Gentle, No.  Insert your own Adjective Here.

If music be the food of Love, just turn it up to 450 decibels, then play on.